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TOPIC: What books are you reading?

What books are you reading? 19 Jun 2017 13:08 #250139

I often have two or three partially-finished books on my nightstand. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for one book so I will switch to a different one in the stack. Library books tend to get the right-of-way, because of the time limit.

Right now, I am about halfway through The Unit, by Terry DeHart. Post-apocalypse survival featuring a married couple and their two teenage kids. The father is a retired Marine, and the family car broke down two weeks before the opening of the story due to EMP from a nuclear strike. The year isn't specified but feels like it roughly now. The writing is solid but nothing special, aside from doing short chapters titled for the POV character in each chapter. This allows the writer to tell the story from the viewpoint of each family member, as well as other characters. There is often partial overlap between two consecutive chapters, so you get the experience of two different interpretations of the same event. The violence seems realistic, and the characters are reasonably well-developed. If you like post-apocalypse stories, this is a good one.

EDIT: One odd thing about the POV chapters is that they consistently cycle through the same order, at least for the four family members. Somehow that made this story feel a little bit like a good AmeriTrash game. Like each person gets a turn to take some actions, playing towards a co-op goal.
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What books are you reading? 19 Jun 2017 14:38 #250148

Just finished McCullogh's The Wright Brothers and I'm starting to cool on him as a writer. He seems very in the pocket of his lead characters at times, focusing too much on their perspective. The book is good, gives an indication of how far ahead they were than everyone else in the field.

I'm onto An Empire of Wealth by Gordon and it's a non-stop-thrill-ride . . . about 19th century economics. Solid writer, is covering a very broad subject very quickly and very well. We'll see how it goes.
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