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Grace grew up playing the classic family and children’s games. She always loved games, but didn’t know there was a whole world of modern board gaming until 2009. In general, she considers herself a Euro snob, but upon closer inspection of her collection, there are plenty of other types of games that have snuck in. She has to play as the color red (or as close to it as possible), otherwise the wrong pieces will be moved. Although board gaming is her primary hobby, she also enjoys cooking, seeing musicals, and bowling. She lives in California’s Central Valley with her husband, who happily plays games with her, and her two dogs, who are terrible gaming partners. You can follow her on Twitter (@iamgrace) where she is often mistagged.

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Captive Graphic Novel Adventures Volume #1 Review
Board Game Reviews
ecargo   July 08, 2018   524   0
Captive Captive A Page-Turner.
Space Base Board Game
Board Game Reviews
ecargo   July 04, 2018   718   0
Elon Musk: The Dice Game
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