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Jim was introduced to AD&D back in the mid-1970s. For a high school kid that grew up devouring comic books, Warren magazines, and Harryhausen films, AD&D was the epitome of the game he never knew he wanted. From his very first game, he was hooked on the magic of imaginative play.

By day, Jim works as a scientist; by night, he creates fantasy worlds and designs unique and quirky games. He is the owner and sole employee of Devious Weasel Games.

Jim is married to a wonderful woman, has three awesome kids, three unruly and enigmatic cats, and a goofy, loyal Newfie. He loves good food, single malt Islay scotch, and pretty much all dad jokes.

And math. He really likes math.
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Game Ratings
Rants & Raves
xthexlo   July 25, 2018   905   0
What does rating games really mean?
Dragon Dice
xthexlo   June 24, 2018   1039   1
Grithsdane was disposable. That's what made him so much fun.
Far From the Funding Crowds
xthexlo   June 13, 2018   1419   1
I'm an idiot for not using Kickstarter.
Mind Flayers
xthexlo   May 31, 2018   841   0
It's one of the most viscerally evocative monsters in gaming...and it is also a mental anchor.
xthexlo   May 22, 2018   2234   0
 There. I said it.
5 results - showing 1 - 5