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In west Saint Louis born and raised
Playing video games is where I spent most of my days
Strafing, Dashing, Adventuring and Looting
Writing reviews between all the Shooting
When a couple of guys reminded me what was so good
About playing games with cardboard and Wood,
Collecting Victory Points and those Miniatures with Flair
It’s not as easy as you think to rhyme with Bel Air.

Wade is the former editor in chief for Silicon Magazine and former senior editor for He currently enjoys his games in the non-video variety, where the odds of a 14 year old questioning the legitimacy of your bloodline is drastically reduced.

“I’ll stop playing as Black when they invent a darker color.”

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Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats Review
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   July 16, 2018   851   1
Thrillin' adventures indeed. 
Bitten Board Game
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   June 19, 2018   871   1
Does this look infected to you?
Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   May 29, 2018   824   1
Biggest disappointment - the box is the same size on the inside as on the outside.
The Fox in the Forrest
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   May 28, 2018   1010   1
The fox in the forest is a game of wonderful contradictions. It is light in footprint, consisting only of 33 cards and a handful of scoring tiles. Then, that tiny footprint walks all over your notions of what a card game can be. It is simple, yet smart.  Short in the amount of time it takes to play but long on replayability and strategy.
4 results - showing 1 - 4