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BB Black Barney Updated January 18, 2019 431   2
Best Movies of 2018 It’s that time of year again, when people start coming out with best-of lists. Traditionally, I wait until after the Oscars have been awarded since it’s fun to recognize what won. This year I thought it might be fun to get this out not just before the ceremony, but even before the nominations. A more naked and exposed list, which hopefully appears void of any bias. Then I’ll tune in on February 24th and see if the Academy agrees with me on anything. Like I do every year,...
BB Black Barney Updated January 07, 2019 778   0
Took my 7-year old girl to see this and she absolutely loved it. I wasn't sure about it being over 2 hours long and having SO many songs, but I don't think I was the target audience necessarily. Then again, I had seen the original and Emily had not so I'm not sure who it was going to appeal more to. More than once Emily whispered to me, "daddy, there are lots of songs in this" and I don't think she meant it in a good way. It really did seem like they were...
BB Black Barney Updated January 05, 2019 373   0
Not having seen the first Creed movie, I had a little trouble getting into some of the characters, but ultimately a formulaic boxing movie is still that and it's easy to play catch up. Good performances all around and an exciting final fight that delivers the goods is enough to give this movie more than a pass. My heart did go out to Michael B Jordan's main protagonist and he certainly carries the movie. I'm not sure I like the hearing-impaired singing g/f. I guess that's from the first movie so they're stuck with it? Both Stallone and Lundgren...
BB Black Barney Updated December 31, 2018 903   0
More heart than brains, Bumblebee rises far above all other Transformers movies (not hard to do) with less action and more story. More fun as well. I'll admit when I read a year or two ago that they were making an origin story about Bumblebee, I was thinking this was a terrible idea. Turns out it was pretty decent and very hard not to like. When the movie opens with action scenes, I was worried it was trying to emulate an action movie, like the others, but after seeing and hearing both Shockwave and Soundwave (my...
BB Black Barney Updated December 31, 2018 408   0
It's that fun time of year again when all these amazing movies are out and I'm scrambling to see as many of them as I can. A month ago, I had a pretty solid view on what the top ten movies were for the year, and in just a few weeks, it's all changed. This one actually knocked A Quiet Place off my list, sadly. James Baldwin's book-turned-screenplay gives one of the more desperate, stark and absolutely naked tales of why he ultimately decided to leave America himself. Beauty, innocence and joy just turned to despair...
BB Black Barney Updated December 31, 2018 444   0
Ouf... it's always tough talking about a tough movie. How can I convince people it's most certainly worth seeing, while acknowledging that it's not super pleasant? Let me start by saying two things: 1) If I HAD to draw a parallel to another movie, it would be GONE BABY GONE even though this is NOTHING like that. Lol 2) This knocked Black Panther off my top ten list for 2018. So it's a Japanese movie, and that's important to know since not only will there be subtitles but this is a VERY Japanese culture movie....
BB Black Barney Updated December 31, 2018 940   0
Wow, lots to unpack here. Besides the great story, incredible art and visuals, fantastic soundtrack, there is also the very bold casting choices that were made that I really feel complete this movie and ultimately put it on the top shelf. So bear with me while I really appreciate the casting risks that paid off here... Some of the casting choices are your standard fare: Chris Pine, Hailee Steinfeld (who was great as a very low-key Gwen Stacy), Zoe Kravitz as MJ, and even Mahershala Ali (who is a KEY driver for why...
Ralph Breaks the Internet - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated December 14, 2018 529   0
Surprisingly deep for an animated movie, really getting into the weeds on friendship and insecurity. I did not see the first Wreck it Ralph, but that didn't stop neither Emily (my 7-yr old girl) nor myself from really enjoying this. I was sure Sarah Silverman's voice was going to really start grinding my gears after ten minutes, but it strangely became more affecting as you start to really like her character. These messages on friendship and insecurity are really great messages to convey, but this for sure will fall on deaf ears for...
A Star is Born - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated December 05, 2018 461   0
Very emotional and impactful movie. No wonder there are mental health trigger warnings all over this thing. I would even go so far to say that I don't think I could comfortably describe this as a "music movie." That being said, I don't remember the last time I've seen a movie so perfectly suited to not only be nominated but to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I thought it was excellent but I wouldn't even put this in my top ten of the year. I think the Academy will be all over this one....
Free Solo - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated November 14, 2018 462   0
Really glad I saw this on the big screen as the cinematography is amazing. This movie was clearly shot by seasoned rock-climbers. If you have a single drop of vertigo in your body, you will feel it in this one. Also glad I knew nothing about this free solo rock climber beforehand and I'd strongly recommend not reading up on it before seeing the film. One sound bite that you hear one-third into the film that haunts you for pretty much the rest of it was, "none of the well-known free solo climbers are alive." So...
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