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Black Barney   July 18, 2018   248   0
Took my 7-year old daughter to this on a scorching Tuesday afternoon. So if I got a little sleepy, it was probably because of the air conditioning and bad popcorn. The first Incredibles movie was always going to be hard to top. It came out of nowhere and was full of amazing surprises. This one doesn't really have many surprises and feels fairly safe, with the best parts, in my opinion, being Edna since it is so reminiscent of the first movie (same set pieces and everything). ...
Black Barney   July 16, 2018   241   0
Visually intense and hilarious. Might put you to sleep with the overwhelming art of it.
repoman   July 14, 2018   382   0
I was born in 1968 at the height, or close to it, of American involvement in Vietnam. By the time I was 5, U.S. troops were pulling out of combat roles and the war, as far as America was concerned was winding up. I distinctly remember the day Nixon resigned although I'd no real idea of what that meant. I had an uncle who served three tours in Vietnam. I had friend's parents who served in the Marines in Vietnam. Growing up I knew and saw many vets. And for all that, I must admit I knew very little...
Black Barney   July 11, 2018   428   0
Well that was unsettling. Took me four days to come down from this movie and land in a safe enough place to be able to think about it again to write a review.
Black Barney   June 16, 2018   558   0
Better than I expected, but overall only barely good.
Jackwraith   June 02, 2018   336   0
Annihilation is a film that tries too hard to be interesting with material that's been covered many times before.
Jackwraith   May 17, 2018   329   0
The Handmaid's Tale, season 2, episodes 3 and 4- The writers reconfirm June's existence and delve more deeply into the roots of her "sin".
Jackwraith   May 17, 2018   702   0
Venturing out past the novel and the 80s film, the series tries to establish a path toward the (ahem) future.
Black Barney   May 16, 2018   738   0
Not what you'd expect, but still a pretty good coming-of-age story. I find this to be the most misleading trailer since Drive. I was expecting a super casual and light comedy about coming-out. Instead, I got Perks of Being a Wallflower morphing into You've Got Mail and then trying a Never Been Kissed type of epilogue. Luckily 2/3rds through the movie it turns into some pretty heavy drama and I think those are the best parts of the movie. The act of voluntarily versus involuntarily coming-out to your friends, to your family. Those moments are exceptionally...
Black Barney   May 09, 2018   819   0
In a word, authentic. They pull off something here that Clint Eastwood just can't seem to nail (using non-actors to make it feel real). It makes for a pretty emotional and highly engaging film. Similar in many ways to The Wrestler, but instead of a daughter who doesn't need him, you have a sister who very much does need him. The cinematography is off the charts, reminding me of Legends of the Fall, Brokeback Mountain, Dances with Wolves and just a smidgen of Hell or High Water. (the various movie studios pay...
202 results - showing 1 - 10  
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