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Black Barney   December 14, 2018   110   0
Surprisingly deep for an animated movie, really getting into the weeds on friendship and insecurity. I did not see the first Wreck it Ralph, but that didn't stop neither Emily (my 7-yr old girl) nor myself from really enjoying this. I was sure Sarah Silverman's voice was going to really start grinding my gears after ten minutes, but it strangely became more affecting as you start to really like her character. These messages on friendship and insecurity are really great messages to convey, but this for sure will fall on deaf ears for...
Black Barney   December 05, 2018   361   0
Very emotional and impactful movie. No wonder there are mental health trigger warnings all over this thing. I would even go so far to say that I don't think I could comfortably describe this as a "music movie." That being said, I don't remember the last time I've seen a movie so perfectly suited to not only be nominated but to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I thought it was excellent but I wouldn't even put this in my top ten of the year. I think the Academy will be all over this one....
Black Barney   November 14, 2018   382   0
Really glad I saw this on the big screen as the cinematography is amazing. This movie was clearly shot by seasoned rock-climbers. If you have a single drop of vertigo in your body, you will feel it in this one. Also glad I knew nothing about this free solo rock climber beforehand and I'd strongly recommend not reading up on it before seeing the film. One sound bite that you hear one-third into the film that haunts you for pretty much the rest of it was, "none of the well-known free solo climbers are alive." So...
Black Barney   November 05, 2018   378   0
My mom took my daughter to see The Nutcracker once as a ballet in Western Florida. I'm glad I got out of that as I had seen it in Grade 3 when I used to live in Winnipeg. I can still remember how bored I was, not having yet learned that you can just sleep through things if you want to. So I thought that if I proactively take Emily to see this movie, I might be able to dodge having to see the ballet if it rolls into town again. In the end, I think...
Black Barney   October 22, 2018   501   0
Not very good. I probably should not have seen this so soon after House with the Clock in the Walls. Mercifully, Jack Black isn't in this one much, and he's actually decent this time around. I actually had more trouble buying Madison Iseman as a high-school student when she clearly looks 20, but this isn't a new problem for movies trying to cast high-school students. It's just a tough sell after seeing Eighth Grade not too long ago. The rest of the cast is fine. I took my 7-yr old girl to this...
Black Barney   October 10, 2018   597   0
Ouf.. boy that was bad.
Black Barney   October 02, 2018   562   0
Not exactly the best title, but I guess they have to honour the book. I would have gone with, "Jack Black Finds Work Again."
Black Barney   October 02, 2018   523   0
Starts off super weak but it does get better.
Black Barney   September 27, 2018   634   0
Incredible. Show-stopping. Powerful. Effective (hopefully).
Black Barney   September 17, 2018   579   0
Worth skipping! A janky animation mess that is passable for kids but has nothing to offer adults.
217 results - showing 1 - 10  
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