Professor Euro would be proud...Matt Thrower and other F:ATies bring out the pipes and smoking jackets for some serious gaming discourse. Right before they nuke you.

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Jackwraith   June 26, 2018   683   0
What makes a block wargame and how to start blocking
Jackwraith   June 12, 2018   368   0
What are the essentials that make a game into a "wargame".
Gary Sax   July 02, 2017   3599   0
Ages ago I had a article series where I took games in my collection and thought about them via the one mechanic I think defines them.  Today I’m going back to that with Comanchería from GMT Games.
MattDP   April 08, 2017   4159   0
I've been playing hobby games for over 30 years, the majority of that time focused on board games. Increasingly, I've been growing bored with them. Not in the sense that the games themselves are boring, but that they all look the same. Consider what lit up geeks in 2016. Terraforming Mars, which was arguably an outer space version of Agricola. Scythe, another step in the plodding evolution of the "waro", a genre that sprang up around the turn of the millennium. Even my favourite game from last year, Hands in the Sea, is a straight-up rehash of A Few...
Egg Shen   March 01, 2017   5690   0
Ever since the glory days of HeroQuest I’ve always been interested in boardgames that can be played out as a campaign.  That is, you play as the same character over the course of several games, getting new gear/powers to help you overcome evil.  The truth is that even back in the time before work, responsibilities, and internet cat videos I RARELY managed to successfully finish a campaign.  
Talisman Adventure Deck
wadenels   October 16, 2016   4715   0
We have a group that plays big games of Talisman with every expansion a few times a year, and I like to get my own games together from time to time.  Our big games always have all the Adventure Cards mixed together into one giant deck.  I decided for my games I'd rather have a smaller and more coherent decks centered around various themes.
Fantasy Flight
Egg Shen   May 30, 2016   5773   0
Welcome back. This is part two of my "Ode to FFG". In this week's episode we will be looking exclusively at games that the company brought back from the dead. For a bunch of nerdy guys in Minnesota, their Necromancy skills are quite high. Yes, FFG really started making a name for themselves by bringing many beloved games back to the market. Some were really terrific. They were games that made you weep a little because you never thought you'd get your hands on them. Others were a little less well received....
Fantasy Flight
Egg Shen   May 23, 2016   9133   0
As we all know, Fantasy Flight Games was purchased by Asmodee last year.  Well, as of April this year they are no longer a publisher, but rather a Design House within Asmodee.  They will be under the Asmodee North America umbrella or something.  So as a tribute to the FFG brand I thought it would be fun to run through their catalog and pick out their best games ever.  
Kids with boardgame
Jexik   February 04, 2016   4755   0
I worked in child care for a long time, and kids like playing games, but sometimes the games that they're most excited about playing are the ones that are over their heads. It was part of my job to figure out how to modify activities for kids age K-6, and I like teaching games, so this is something I'd like to work to get better at. Most Euros seem pretty hard to scale back for younger players because they're such tightly controlled systems, but modular games with dice and minis generally seem a bit easier, despite how complicated they...
Sagrilarus   October 12, 2015   4831   0
“Matching shirts.” Years back I spoke those words to the commissioner of softball for my kids’ local youth athletics organization. The organization had been merging smaller local athletics programs for the previous three or four years, growing in size and complexity because a big organization “is more suitable to building players for the High School teams.” When I indicated I didn’t really give a damn about the High School teams the commissioner was simply beside himself....
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