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Painting Minis
san il defanso   May 16, 2018   1270   0
Have you been making excuses for not painting the miniatures in your game collection?
MattDP   July 23, 2017   4347   0
Regular readers will know I have a bit of a foam fetish. I’m sure it started when I discovered a hand-painted figure I’d slaved over had worn, even through a coat of varnish. Now I’m not happy with anything painted, no matter who painted it, unless I can be confident it’s cushioned in acres of sweet, soft foam. This proves a bit of an issue if you start collecting Fantasy Flight’s pre-painted Star Wars miniatures or, indeed, miniatures of any kind. For a lot of games regularly-shaped foam pockets are sufficient. They’re great for storing X-Wing...
MattDP   March 05, 2017   5236   0
Hello. My name it Matt and I am a foamaholic. It started at my high school role-playing games club. Everyone running a game would want to bring in painted miniatures for the session. Some of the older kids had folders of foam-lined cardboard to cushion the transport. They claimed these came from electrical component boxes, but I never managed to snag one. So, each week I endured the misery of seeing hours of painting work ruined by chips and wear. It gave me a fetish for varnish: even now I double-coat...
Battlestar Galactica board game
wadenels   February 21, 2017   2004   0
As requested in the "RIP BSG?" thread, here are our group's mini-campaign rules for BSG.
Egg Shen   February 19, 2017   6458   0
So I’ve taken a cursory glance at all of the announced titles that are expected to come out in 2017 and whipped up a Top Ten.  These are the games that make me lose sleep at night because I’m obsessing about them like some love struck teenager.  That gentle cooing and deep sighing you hear is me looking lovingly at a Polaroid of the game in the number one spot.  You creeped out?  Wanna turn back?  Too late, OFF WE GO!
Sagrilarus   October 27, 2015   4279   0
There wasn’t much time left this past week so we sat down to a game of No Thanks. This is a quick game by any standard (even by the standard of the two prior games of Biblios, a quick game all its own.) But in spite of that No Thanks presents a bit of magic in the play that I usually just refer to as “favored ground”. As far as I’m concerned favored ground is a seriously cool thing to have in a game, but it will take a bit of explaining to describe how No...
Sagrilarus   September 14, 2015   4801   0
I'm consigning games through a "local" game shop and had $60 in store credit so far, so I'm filling gaps in my Wings of War/Glory collection. That may be a surprise for some of you -- I have over 40 planes currently so there isn't a lot of point to purchasing any more. The most I’ve ever played with is 25. But I like to have pairs of each model so that anyone picking a particular plane to play can have a wingman, a dogfight concept since Boelcke established the fundamental rules of air combat early in World War...
heroscape game
Sagrilarus   September 03, 2013   7638   0
                "Why can't WE play that?"                 That was the response my buddy Steve blurted out when I told him what we had played when he was away at Gencon.  He and Chris, the regular host of my Tuesday night gaming session had traveled to Indianapolis and in their absence I had thrown out the question to the usual suspects – “anyone want to head down to my place instead?”  My wife and daughter were due to be out of town, a nice convergence of events.  When only Kyle (Keeper of All Games Ancient) responded I...
Settlers of Catan
Sagrilarus   April 24, 2013   6848   0
"Not liking Settlers is trendy. It's a way of declaring you're on the inside now, not willing to settle for a formerly-inside-but-now-outside game. I have no doubt that it's not a favorite for plenty of people, but you can say that about any game. Coming out of the closet about Settlers has a hipster quality to it. You're not merely above the rabble, you're above the rabblish part of the non-rabble." The above...
ubarose   January 27, 2012   23252   0
When Z-Man published Tales of the Arabian Nights, they left out the Adventure Variant from the original game. In my personal opinion this means they left out the game part of the game. As Zev has pointed out to me, it's my own fault, since when he was asking for input on how to overhaul the game, my peeps and I never spoke up. I'm making up for that now by giving you this variant so you can put the game back into Tales of the Arabian Nights Maybe someday Z-Man will release this as a...
14 results - showing 1 - 10  
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