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cranberries   October 11, 2017   2463   0
If you bring your Euro gaming need for strategic planning or Judeo-Christian expectations for fairness to the game you will be sorely disappointed. Terrible things will happen to you regardless of the choices you make.
ubarose   May 21, 2017   3224   0
I hosted our game group's Saturday game day for the first time since the fire. Francie Pants finally kicked me in the tush and made it happen. This kick also forced us to deal with finally getting the big-ass table up to the game room. Fortunately Joey Joe Joe the drummer stopped by Wednesday as Engineer Al and I were puzzling over how to get this table up two flights of switch-back stairs, and declared that that it would be a piece of cake compared to hauling around 90 inch TVs, which is something he does on the regular...
lyndstren   May 12, 2017   3547   0
If you can find working Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC, what will be the first game that you will play? Article bellow mind help you find the right answer.
Dr. Mabuse   November 03, 2015   6009   0
Games that were memorable and/or influential to my later gaming choices.
Cambyses   October 27, 2015   6290   0
On the value of the Top 10 list.
bfkiller   October 27, 2015   4581   0
Two years ago, I wrote a recap of a 24-hour board game charity marathon I participated in titled 24 Hours to Play With Your Food. Fundraisers are held throughout the year and culminate in the 24-hour marathon. That first year, we raised $14,000 for Souls Harbour Rescue Mission here in Regina, Saskatchewan, a local organization that provides services such as a soup kitchen, men's and women's shelters, a free clothing store, and addictions counselling. The idea behind the event is that those of us who are able to sift through a shelving unit of 100+ hobby...
AtherisAndrew   October 06, 2015   73   0
Atheris Games will be backing a new Kickstarter every day for the entire month of October. 
Mr. White   September 01, 2015   6303   0
A little recap of my first DreadBall experience.
ChristopherMD   August 23, 2015   5271   0
This month in the doghouse we played Imperial Assault, Merchants & Marauders, DungeonQuest, and more.
jeb   August 22, 2015   5053   0
I noted on the VIDEO GAME thread that I was participating in a Backlog Attack--an effort to get through some of the games that have been building up in my inventory. With Humble Bundles, sick multiple platforms, and an actual job that people pay me money for; I am officially spoiled for choice with respect to my gaming hobby. 
1521 results - showing 1 - 10  
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