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TOPIC: Automobiles Racing Season Review

Automobiles Racing Season Review 19 Nov 2017 22:27 #257903

The best expansions don't just improve or fix their base games, they let you see them in a new light. That's what I was hoping from the racing seasons in this Racing Season expansion for Automobiles. Its parent title has been my sleeper hit for the past two years. While other games have peaked and gone, Automobiles is still lapping round for regular plays. It might not need the fresh coat of an expansion, but some go-faster stripes would be nice.

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Automobiles Racing Season Review 20 Nov 2017 05:59 #257904

I did a review at MM that mirrors yours quite a bit. This is a fantastic review for a really quality expansion. My only real bitch is that the box is mostly empty! The sponsors add a lot of fun, and the track is easily more fun than the original. I just adore it. Unfortunately, I only get to game once a month if I’m lucky and this doesn’t get asked for.

I have this and the base game for sale/trade for any readers who are convinced by this review!
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Automobiles Racing Season Review 20 Nov 2017 08:10 #257914

Thanks for this review, I really enjoyed it. My kids like Dominion and they like Daytona 500, so I may get this or Downforce. I saw the expansion for only $15 at the recent Utah board game sale, but didn't know enough to pull the trigger. Plus, I keep saying I'm selling my collection, then buy more games, so that's shameful.
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