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TOPIC: Harry Potter Miniatures Game

Harry Potter Miniatures Game 09 Mar 2018 14:02 #265213

300 euros all-in, take THAT Batman.

Colorcrayons wrote:
Good on them for ditching the KS though.
Ummm, did you notice the "Pre-order Exclusives"? That includes the "Dobby" and that other guy Barnes was after...

Fortunately I seem to be the only person on the planet that doesn't give a crap about Harry Potter, so moving on.
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Harry Potter Miniatures Game 09 Mar 2018 15:08 #265229

Ha ha, they read our Batman thread and realized the error of their ways...

OH WAIT...$370 all in. OOF. Welp, I will gladly take a review copy from Miniature Market when it releases.


- I really have to see more of this to get more interested in it. It is true that the horrid demo video is likely a "scenario 1" kind of thing, but I want to see what the ADVENTURES are. It kind of looks like they are just scenarios, at this point with either 1 troll or 1 Dementor.

- $370

- The only "monsters" are acromantulas, a troll and a dementor. SO much potential here...

- $370

- The miniatures are mostly great.. Some of them are stupendous. Great likenesses. For some reason I think that Professor Lupin figure is perfect. But some of them are REALLY iffy, maybe it's just the paint job. Luna Lovegood...total miss on her. She has none of that Lovegood charm. Ginny Weasley looks PISSED. The Hermione figure bugs me for some reason. Maybe because it's so much more dynamic than Harry or Ron? Neville Longbottom is horrifying.

- $370

- Thank god all of the Pansy Parkinson fans will finally be represented.

- $370

- The tins are fucking stupid. Please ditch that awful idea and knock $1-$2 off the price instead.

- $370

- I really want an Attack on Hogsmeade scenario where the good guys have to defend Honeydukes from the Death Eaters or something.

- $370

Oh, the Harry Potter Clue- no, they actually made an effort to do something kind of cool with it. The suspects are all villains- Lucius, Crabbe and Goyle, Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, Etc. The weapons and everything are all from the stories too. There are some special magic cards, artifacts, and secret passages that change (four giant dials under the board. It's really pretty neat.
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